Merlin’s Big Picture – Jun 15

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Early Thursday morning (EST) we can expect to see how accountable we have been in keeping to our philosophical perspective. By afternoon, if we adjust our desires we will create some ease in our philosophical approach.

At 6:18am the Sun at 24:30 Gemini Opposes Saturn Rx at 24:30 Sagittarius.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been restricting our usual mundane communication so we could more effectively work on applying a sound philosophy to things. The Sun in Gemini will reveal to us how this has helped us, and prevented us, from creating extra Karmic responses. Sometimes just keeping our mouths shut allows us to think better (aka Sagittarius vs Gemini). There is a chance here as well to see how the ‘not talking’ has played a big part in the Karmic Squares of 2016 and the Heartbreak Transits of 2016/17. The 1st Heartbreak Transit occurred at 24+ Sagittarius/Pisces. While not hearing…

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