Summer Solstice

Elemental Life

June 21st marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere. It’s the day in the wheel of the year that is known for its shortest night and longest day. I have always been attracted to Summer Solstice, or Litha as the pagan traditions call this day, because I was born on the Winter Solstice, Yule. Something always keeps me yearning for summer and warmth.

On the Summer Solstice we celebrate the highest point of the Sun, we can feel the energy rising of the masculine life force. After this day the days will be getting shorter so this is truly a time to celebrate life and abundance.

Some Summer Solstice celebration ideas

  • Go outside very early on the morning of the 21st (or a day before or after, what suits you better), and watch the light of the Sun return. It’s a magical scene, to see nature rise and awaken…

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