Cancer Season

The Kindred Cosmos

June 22, 2017

Happy belated Summer Solstice. Cancer season has officially begun and the Cancer new moon is on Friday, June 23. It’s a good time for connecting with your emotional side, but as always, be careful about taking it to the extreme. Cancer DOES have a tendency toward overemotionality; so remember to check yourself if you should start to feel like people are treating you unfairly or you’re feeling unappreciated. Don’t take this as me being mean, but it’s possible that you could be overreacting with this transit. If you can find the line between connecting with your emotions and your intuition, but not wallowing in the more negative emotions, you can make really good use of this transit. The theme right now is CONNECT TO YOUR INTUITION.

We need to really make good use of this water energy right now because we have a lot of powerful influences…

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