Mercury arrives in Virgo today 7-25-2017

Libra Seeking Balance

After Mercury arrives in Virgo today, it is going to stay for while. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because Mercury rules Virgo and is very comfortable in this meticulous sign. At this time having Mercury in earthy Virgo does help balance the strong fire sign presence in the sky. Mercury in Virgo excels at organizing information and calling attention to the practical details.

It will be August 12 when Mercury stations retrograde at 11° 38′ Virgo. It will retreat back into Leo on August 31 and will station direct at 28° 25′ Leo on September 5. It won’t take long before Mercury reenters Virgo on September 9 where it will remain until September 29. Mercury will remain unaspected by the other planets until late in September which leaves it free of interference. This ought to help our minds stay clear and focused more than usual during a Mercury Retrograde…

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