Mercury Shadow

Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty


Mercury – that little planet that effects communications in all types.  When he goes retrograde it means he is moving backwards in the sky.  It is said it will effect all forms of communications, contracts and negotiation.  Many things have to be reworked or redone or revisited during retrograde times.  Breakdowns and misunderstandings are the theme.

Now before you say this is all hokey – how often have you heard someone ask, “Is it a full moon or something?  Everyone seems to be acting crazy!”

It’s not all bad news.  Mercury helps to boost creativity and encourages us to slow down. It’s the perfect time for holidays and creative endeavors.

Now some RX if Mercury is effecting your chart big time….

  1. Smudge – you could use sage, lavender/salt water to spray around your home (a pinch of salt, 8 drops of lavender oil and distilled water)
  2. Burn yellow candles –…

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