Mercury in Leo: Retro & Horoscopes

the existential astrologer


As if 2 eclipses and Saturn direct, Rahu/Ketu changing signs wasn’t enough this month Mercury is also going retrograde in Leo on August 13, 2017. Mercury/Lord Budh is the illuminator of our intelligence, fast moving, youthful and energetic. The love child of Moon and Tara – Jupiter’s wife, Jupiter is wisdom but Mercury is the wit that leads to exciting insights and ideas. In the royal sign of Leo we experience great ideas that can expand our kindgom, warm and effusive communication and good news.

Mercury in Leo gives us a mental confidence boost. He makes our words grand, loyal and a little over-the-top. We have big plans and our perspectives broaden – we are confident to try new ideas and challenge mental habits to form a new, more positive self-concept.  There is a tendency for grandiosity during this transit – take care not to over promise because you may…

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