Saturn Retrograde Update – The Final Hoopla!

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

With Saturn retrograde coming to its close it’s time to really give it our all. Saturn goes direct on August 25th and has been retrograde since April 6th.
Saturn puts a form of restriction on us. We have something we want and we want it bad, but Saturn puts blocks in the way. You want it bad and Saturn wants it done right, so it pushes you and pushes you until you get it right. It wants you to take a noble, refined approach. This is about career stuff, not weekend projects. Saturn is all about delayed gratification and nothing about instant relief. Saturn wants you to work hard now, show how bad you want what you want, and put in the best of the best to get it. To put time and effort into it. It puts obstacles in front of our biggest desires, and we become such stronger…

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