* It’s MidSummer! Happy Lammas / Lughnassad / LEO-nassad!

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DSC02206Lammas Landscape – Photo by Melanie, July 2016

celticwheeloftheyearCeltic Wheel of the Year, with Ostara / Spring Equinox, BELTANE, Litha / Summer Solstice, LUGHNASSAD, Mabon, Samhain, Yule, and Imbolc.

Blessings for the sacred season of Central Summer!

The Celtic ‘gate of power’ Lammas / Lughnassad is now being celebrated

Traditionally that’s on Aug 1.
Exact mid (15°) LEO would be actually a few days later, Aug 7 / 8 – on the day of the AQ – LEO FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse!

Central LEO is ‘double LEO’ (centre of the fixed sign, where energy concentrates): Solid Summer Glow!

Many harvest festivals are starting at this time.

And it’s the celebration of CERES the grain goddess.
Presently, Asteroid CERES dwells (since early July) for a Summer ‘episode’ in maternal CANCER, until end of Sept, before giving LEO the honour of her appearance.

Arcimboldo_SummerGiuseppe Arcimboldo: SUMMER

With SUN / MARS and North…

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