Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Weise Owl

The Moon is Full in Aquarius at 11:10 a.m. San Francisco Time on Monday, August 7th. At 11:20 a.m. we will experience the partial Lunar Eclipse at 15° Aquarius.

When I say Aquarius you picture weird. You are correct! Aquarius is the mystery child of the zodiac. Detached, scientific, metallic, electric and sometimes a little unhinged, Aquarius does Aquarius. Eyes fixed on an unseen horizon, they keep their own council and answer to a higher logic than most of us are capable of.

This Eclipse happens on the Leo-Aquarius axis and highlights the tension between our own inner creativity and how we are able to serve the group. On the one hand, you’re a visionary rebel bad ass with no concern how the other kids see you. On the other you are a passionate leader who inspires through dramatic love and loyalty. Which is true? Both, these polarities complete each…

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