Full Moon, 7 August 2017 ~ If we don’t nourish the Child within, we get lost

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FullMoon, 7 August 2017

If we don’t nourish the Child Within, we get lost!

by Katharina Bless

This full Moon we find the moon in Capricorn with the Sun in Cancer, in close conjunction with Mars. Now Mars and the sun are at the end of the sign Cancer and I had a look at the degree of the 360 degree circle of the Sabian Symbols and the it’s very interesting what we find here.

Mars stands on the symbol with is connected with virtue of a strong will, building a strong character. The appearance of this symbol indicates that a strong will is needed now to deal with and overcome the current situation.

The Sun is connected with the urge to realize the potential of the moment of birth and after the seed has germinated, the young sapling wants to shoot towards the light and expan

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