American Spring? & Mercury Rx – Aug 12

5D Astrology

On Saturday at a few parties on the river, a lot of information came flying through. Mercury is very far ahead of the Sun as he pulls into his Rx Station Saturday night at 9:01pm EST.

Mercury is providing us the ‘bookends’ of the Solar Eclipse’s ‘fresh start.’ As this is a Total Eclipse over the US we can expect some BIG changes to occur here.

Between parties I received a phone call (Mercury) about some rioting in Charlottesville, VA between 2 polarized groups. The Eclipse, at 28+ degrees Leo will Oppose my Natal Chiron in my 10th House of ‘authority and career’. The ‘rioting’ is part of a pattern of deception that has been revealing itself around authority.

The Total Eclipse over the Middle East and Egypt brought the ‘Arab Spring’ of unrest beginning in 2011. Could this be the beginning of unrest across the US?

Mercury rules ‘news’…

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