Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips

Seagoat Astrology

As of August 8th, we are in the midst of a particularly gnarly Mercury Retrograde. I blame August’s lunar and solar eclipses for throwing a bunch of emo-intensity and earthshaking change into the mix. In any case, welcome home to the usual Mercury Retro parade of ghouls: scheduling mix-ups, technology snafus, snarled traffic, minor car issues, mail slowdowns, long lines, miscommunications and other delays and inconveniences.

Mercury trucks in the details that make our lives run smoothly, and that we take for granted. That means you don’t have to worry about getting dumped, getting injured, violence, disaster (at least not by any fault of Mercury).

Funny enough, Mercury Rx is actually a SUPER important time for getting stuff done. Ahem, let me revise that. Mercury Rx is a super important time for getting certain stuff done: any action that begins with the prefix, “re-“. For the next month, make time for…

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