Venus Gets Karmic & Mars Gets Soul-Awareness – Aug 31-Sep 2

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Early morning (EDT) on Thursday our desires will need to be adjusted to align with our new spiritual philosophy. By evening there is some magical subconscious desires that can be realized. In between these aspects our communication style will shift from work to fun, fitness to creativity and service to romance.

NOTE: Saturn and Neptune are the 2 Karmic Planets. Chiron and Uranus in aspect bring out Soul-Awareness.

At 5:15am Venus at 6:13 Leo Ses-Squares Saturn at 21:13 Sagittarius.

Venus in Leo is desires for fun and romance. She may be able to turn her creative ideas into resources for herself as well. But if she isn’t applying her new spiritual philosophy to her wants she will have to adjust herself. Is she stealing too much of the limelight? Is she putting her own needs for fun ahead of someone else’s? Is she keeping all of her resources to…

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