Thursday, August 31, 2017 The Uranus-Moon trine may bring about interesting and unusual changes in all departments. It should therefore be of no surprise to you if strange events occur. Solutions to old issues may suddenly be found.


Aries Today
After a rather difficult term in your love life, things might go particularly well today. The general atmosphere may work in your favor.

Don’t try to impose your strong views on others! You would risk disappointing your friends.

During the afternoon you may have to go on a business-related trip.
Taurus Today
You seem to be in very good intellectual shape. Your initiative may impress your partners.

You are likely to succeed in all departments and have good chances at earning big.

Try to plan in detail, in order to avoid wasting your energy.

You may want to consider your loved one’s opinion.
Gemini Today
Major changes might occur in your professional and social connections. You could manage to find original solutions which your workmates and higher-ups will appreciate.

Friends may visit you during the afternoon. Try to be well-balanced in order to not affect your health.


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