AlchemyAstrology: 5-6 September 2017 – sidereal

Alchemy Astrology


PASSIVE – Full Moon in Aquarius, laboratory process of Multiplicationemotionally detached

Multiplication, is a process of Distillation in which the power of transmutation is concentrated; an increase in the amount of the Stone as obtained from its pristine form.

Possible Scenarios – based on what’s in-the-air, so to speak:

A good time to:
be aware of the romantic; stand back and pay attention, acknowledge impulsive behavior, express yourself.

wanting to make things purposeful; but not quite able to get the feel for anything you’re doing unless it’s habitual duty, that can get done, mowing the lawn, etc.

remain sensitive; you can’t get too attached right now but you can take advantage of the romantic subtleties.

Keywords – to contemplate and get a feel for:
Self-expressive … … … .  Sun in Leo – persistent, organizing
Detached  (emotionally) … Full Moon in Aquarius (6)…

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