From Square to Full: New Moon Writing Plan Continued

The Writing Orbit

It’s been two weeks since the new moon, solar eclipse broke through, although you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s been that recent when reading the other news that’s taken place since then.

The eclipse – already a glimpse of some distance past – has been plagued with more urgent news on #HurricaneHarvey, the president’s pardon, North Korea and whatever else is hitting the breaking news waves as you read this.

Things move fast. Your writing, however, shouldn’t be at that pace.

And that’s what this new moon planning is about. To encourage you to process the things you’re writing, edit it several times, research and do more research and really sit with your words and thinking.

The moon will be full in Pisces on Wednesday and moving from the square, where it asks that you push through the tension of your writing, and switch up how you define or…

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