MARS crosses the ‘Sphinx Point’ and enters VIRGO on Sept 5 (until Oct 22): Strength in Service

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Here comes a hopefully helpful shift, from FIERY LEO to EARTHY VIRGO, to ground the super charged HEAT of the SUMMER!

MARS has been travelling close to the SUN since July, culminating with both in hot LEO end of July to end of August.
What a HOT Summer, energetically and literally…  incl. record breaking wild fires in British Columbia. The smoke from the interior traveled over hundreds of km, and even reached Vancouver Island early August to linger here for a week. Exposing us to just a glimpse of what it must be like to be directly traumatically affected, evacuated, and loosing everything…
Fire has gone wild, and climate change brings extreme temperatures to continental and insular regions alike.
We’re all in this together, says the AQ – PI ‘counterpart’ of LEO – VIR. The AQ Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse on Aug 7 was there, and the PI Full…

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