Mercury Moves into Virgo


Mercury moves into virgo today Monday 11 Sept 2017.

Mercury’s sign represents your mental energy and how you use and direct it. Intellectual pursuits, communication, trickery, the obtaining and movement of information are all ruled by mercury. The embodiment of mercury is gemini AKA the messenger, the learner, quick and witty. Master and manipulator of the mind.

Virgo, like gemini is also ruled by mercury and feels quite comfortable here. The difference being Gemini is a masculine sign while Virgo is a feminine sign. Basically masculine signs tend to express and emit energy out into the world, while feminine signs tend to focus on the energy they receive from the world. Like an antenna, feminine signs tune in and pick up energy from the outside world.

We are leaving mercury in Leo. Prone to grandiose thoughts and ideas, dramatic expressions and much creativity focused around self pleasure. Now mercury moves…

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