Venus Completes her 5-Day Gauntlet – Sep 13/14

5D Astrology

Snapshot: On Wednesday night (EDT) we will have some clarity around our spiritual philosophy and how it applies to our work, health, service and volunteering. Thursday we have magical desires and revelation.

At 10:58pm (EDT) on Wednesday the Sun at 21:30 Virgo Squares Saturn at 21:30 Sagittarius.

This is some hard clarity around what Saturn has been holding our focus on (our spiritual philosophy) and how to apply it to our work, health, service and volunteering. Virgo rules accounting as well. If there is somewhere that you have not been paying attention to the details, you may get a chance to see why you need to. Squares are Karmic, but with the Sun the clarity is for just your benefit so you can address any issues that need addressing. Pay close attention to the Houses where you have 21+ Virgo and Sagittarius as this will show WHO the players areā€¦

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