Venus Enters Gemini



Venus inconjunct Rhadamanthus sextile Ixion (Yod or Finger of God, green highlights)

April 4, 2020, 9:11 pm CST

Venus walks up the smooth marble steps of the school, noticing how centuries of foot-traffic has worn them to a concave polish.  Above the wide doors is the figure of Mercury, Divine Messenger and patron of the Gemini Academy.  Venus trembles ever so slightly as she reaches for the brass door handle.  The work load for this semester is daunting.  She’s not even sure if she’s taking the right classes.

She steps through the doorway and the familiar scent of old books and floor wax greets her.  Her footsteps echo in the hallway as she makes her way to the bulletin board listing the class schedules.  “So much to choose from!” she thinks, her head swimming with possibilities.

The office door next to the bulletin board is slightly open and Venus cannot…

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