The Lunar Nodes ingress into Gemini & Sagittarius, May 5th 2020 – first thoughts 

Astrology with Vik

The lunar nodes represent the two points where the Moon crosses the ecliptic, the path of the Sun from our perspective. The Moon coils around the path of the Sun like a snake, crossing it on its descend and ascend, which we call the North Node (ascending) and the South Node (descending) of the Moon. These two points travel backwards through the zodiac and have since ancient times been associated with thematic directions on the personal and collective level. Modern astrologers ascribe karmic directions of purpose to the nodes, the North Node representing where we are headed (in Vedic astrology this is called Rahu, the ever hungry head of the dragon) and the South Node our past, which we are learning to let go of, leave behind (which Vedic astrology calls Rahu, the blind tail of the dragon – its body). Ancient astrologers did not necessarily interpret the movement of…

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